Hail, traveler.

Welcome to Taravelan. The land here is mostly beautiful and peaceful at the moment. Beware, however, the dangers that hide behind the cozy face of this realm, for they are there. As a newcomer you must be curious to know about the lands here. What do you wish to know about? The island of spiritwalkers, Drohitor? Perhaps you’d like to learn about Hynar, the land of honor? Maybe the Empire of Caelades? Or maybe one of the others: Baelyn, the occupied territory, Doenek, the mountain kingdom, Norannon, the desert realm, or Sersund, the cursed land?

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. This place is probably a lot different from where you hail. Perhaps you should look at the basics. Yes, that’s probably a good place to start.

Well, I must be going. Good luck on your travels.

Legends of Taravelan

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