After King Brenn Wilhelm defeated the Demon Lord, most of the Fae in Sersund started becoming intolerant. They turned into isolationist, and five years later, even exiled a certain group of their own kind over the mountains to the east and into the desert where they were to stay and die. They weren’t actually expected to stay. They weren’t expected to make it in the first place. As irony would have it, they ended up making their home in the desert and not dying.


These Desert Fae believe that when they dream, they get visions and clues into deep universal secrets. Each person in their society has a piece of the story, though only a small part. After having one of these waking dreams, they get their piece of the story tattooed on them. They share their tattoos with each other freely, but it is an extremely huge compliment to have one show their tattoos to an outsider. They also believe that other Desert Fae with complimentary tattoos make compatible friends or mates. They also believe that the dreams are a continuing story of their ancestor’s dreams, so they are strong believers in ancestor worship.

A note on dress style: The Desert Fae dress in heavy white clothing to protect themselves from the sun. On top of that they’re skin gets slightly tanner and paler depending on if they’re in the sunlight or moonlight.


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