Mountain People

Physical Appearance

Mountain People are four to four and a half feet tall and stocky. They usually have metallic colored hair and eyes and are usually adorned with metal jewelery or armor.


Mountain People love to drink and relax after a hard days work. They aren’t very fond of lazy people. Most of them like to sing and dance after a few drinks and love festivals and celebrations. Most of the mountain people are very friendly, but some are rude and blunt, and they’re all outspoken. Also they are good at almost any kind of craft but specialize in metal and stonework.

Racial Aspects

  • At home underground
  • Lover of the Treasures of Earth
  • Braggard

Racial Stunts

  • Dwarfcraft – +2 Artificer bonus when working on Doenekan armor or weapons or underground constructs.
  • Stonework – +2 Skill checks involving any sort of stonework, mining, or finding your way around underground.
  • Darkvision – You can see in total darkness.

Racial Power Affinities

  • Runeforging
  • Nature
  • Elemental

Mountain People

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