Physical Appearance

Drohans usually range from 7 to 7 and a half feet in height on average. They have short fangs on their top and bottom sets of teeth. They usually have very earthy or natural hair and eye colors and their skin is very tanned.


Drohans are generally wise and in touch with spirits. They appreciate life and hate the needless taking of a life. When they kill an animal they use every part of it that they can and waste nothing.

Racial Aspects

  • Animal Kin
  • Trusty Talonstrider
  • Drohan Sense of Smell

Racial Stunts

  • Trick Riding – +1 to skill checks that involve expert riding maneuvers
  • Follow Your Nose – +1 to Awareness checks involving smell
  • Animal Friend – +1 to checks involving handling animals

Racial Power Affinities

  • Spirit
  • Mind
  • Nature


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