No one knows much about the history of Doenek. The mountain people keep their history to themselves.


Although all of it’s people are equal the people of Doenek can be classified into three groups: Crafters, Politicians, and Merchants. They all know how to fight when the need arises. When it comes to how they dress, they usually dress for the occasion. Their politicians are actually some of the most adaptive beings in Taravelan when it comes to understanding and following other culture’s customs. Though this didn’t come to them naturally. The mountain people have a strong work ethic and aspire to become the best at whatever it is they do.

Although the Mountain people hardly care about formalities, when the need arises, they use titles to point out their particular classification. Merchants use the title “Lord,” craftsmen the title “Sir,” and politicians carry their particular office title (such as “Ambassador”).

The people of Doenek believe everything comes from the earth and so shall return and have a strong belief in ‘what goes around comes around,’ and Karma. On a final note, the mountain people enjoy good, strong ale, masterful stonework and sculptures, and are very superstitious.


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