Djosen (actually now just another part of Caelades) was actually formed when a group of settlers left Caelades and went West into the badlands. The Caeladesan King promised them freedom and whatever land they cared to claim in the badlands. So, the settlers went West and began their own society. The settlers found some kind of ancient magitech and in a few short years became a powerful nation. The Caelades King didn’t like the sudden power gain of the settlers and became jealous of the magitech there and began a conquest of his own to gain power then overthrow Djosen. However, when Caelades finally made it’s move on Djosen, they were halted and turned back. However, years later they formed a truce and exchanged resources. Caelades gave Djosen food supplies and Djose gave Caelades some of it’s magitech know-how. After gaining Djosen’s trust Caelades cut thier food supplies, and overthrew the government there. Now Djosen is just another part of Caelades.


Whatever was known about the magitech that was found by the Djosen people is gone now, and the parts that remain are only passed on in secret to people still loyal to Old Djosen.


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