Calendar Structure.

The calendar here is heavily based on the moon. The seed (or year) is broken 12 moons (or months) and four seasons. Each season is exactly three moons. One moon has 32 days, and is broken into two halves of sixteen. On the first day of the first half, the moon is new. For the remaining fifteen days of the first half the moon is waxing. On the first day of the second half, the moon is full. For the remaining fifteen days it is waning.

Each moon (month) the moon is a slightly different hue. Also, each season has a theme for how the moons are named.

1. The Ancient Moon (Silver)
2. Nature’s Moon (Green)
3. Spirit’s Moon (Gold)
4. Festive Moon (Yellow)
5. Blossom Moon (Orange)
6. Lotus Moon (Red)
7. Mithril’s Moon (Blue)
8. Adamant Moon (Purple)
9. Silk Moon (White)
10. Wicked Moon (Brown)
11. Aging Moon (Grey)
12. Demon’s Moon (Dark Grey)

So, if it were the 18th day of the 6th moon, you would name it like so:
“The Second Day of the Waning Lotus Moon.”


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