Caelades used to be a small nation. It became bigger when the King Brenn Wilhelm united several small nations and destroyed the Demon Lord hundreds of years ago. Years later another king begins to conquer land adjacent to Caelades. The conquest is stopped for a while in Djosen (a nation that is now just another part of Caelades). Djosen and Caelades form a treaty to help each other, but Caelades eventually overtakes the government from the inside anyway. They then easily took over Baelyn, but the conquest was once again halted when Caelades’ army tried to enter Sersund and the whole army fell ill and died. The next major event in Caelades occurs when the current king (Edward Rene) declares war on Hynar.


They believe a higher power flows through everyone who believes. The power of the Maker. They believe in trying to make everyone “see the light” and bring them into the Makers illuminating love. They also believe the Demon Lord will one day rise again. They believe that day is upon us.


Caelades is broken into three social classes: Noble Lords, Merchants, and Peasants. What defines each class is their rights and wealth. Noble Lords are the wealthiest and own land, merchants live comfortably but do not own land, and peasants usually work for Noble Lords or Merchants in return for food, shelter, and other basic survival needs.

Caelades’ art usually depicts glorious wars in it’s paintings. As far as how people dress, there are two distinct styles of dress known as High Dress and Low Dress. High Dress consists of high quality silks in dark colors from Hynar. These silks are usually flashy. Only nobles dress in High Dress. Low Dress is what the Merchants and Peasants wear. It is far more practical, and made mostly from cotton, linen, and leathers.

People from Caelades value Bravery, Intelligence, and Might (Be it magical or physical). They also have a firm sense of belief so public disbelief of the Maker is taboo.

Brief note on naming conventions: Nobles have the prefix Val’ before their surname. Merchants have the prefix El’ and the Peasants have Dun’.


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