Brief Timeline

Timeline of Known Events

-102nd Seed = Oldest record found. Apparently, this was some kind of age of high magic and convenience. They had some sort of problem, however (though it’s unclear what).

0th Seed = The Demon Lord appears and begins causing havoc all over Taravelan.

20th Seed = King Brenn Wilhelm destroys the Demon Lord, but not before he curses the land he was killed on and gives a prophecy of his return in his homeland.

25th Seed = The Fae practicing “taboo” rituals are exiled from Sersund.

85th Seed = Settlers from Caelades head west and settle into the badlands and form the nation of Djose

91st Seed = King Edo Andross of Caelades begins his outward conquering of the lands surrounding his kingdom.

106th Seed = King Edo is killed and his conquest is stopped in the land of Djosen.

124th Seed = The Lord of Djosen and the new King of Caelades, Edwin Valmer, come to an agreement to share information and resources.

207th Seed = After years of alliance between Djosen and Caelades, King Tobias Stanton overthrows the Djosen government and assimilates it into Caelades completely.

237th Seed = King Tobias begins Caelades’ conquest again and easily takes over Baelyn.

238th Seed = King Tobias publicly states that the Legend of the Demon Lord is rubbish and takes an army to march to Sersund.

239th Seed = King Tobias and his whole army dies of illness in Sersund, and the Caelades conquest is once again halted.

271st Seed = King Edward Rene takes the thrown in Caelades at the age of 12 after the assassination of his father, King Randall Rene.

290th Seed = King Edward Rene declares war on Hynar due to speculation that the Demon Lord has risen again.

302nd Seed = Present Day.

Brief Timeline

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