Baelyn is a peace-loving nation. To the point of being complete pacifists. When the Caelades Empire marched into their lands and demanded their loyalty, Baelyn’s military laid down their weapons and surrendered without a single drop of blood being spilled. Caelades allowed them to keep their way of life and decided not to draft the people of Baelyn into it’s army, deciding that they would sooner die than fight. Perhaps this was a clever strategy by Baelyn, for the only thing Baelyn truly suffered from surrendering was placement of Caelades’ army in their lands, and who better than someone else to die for your land and do your dirty work for you? Although this is just speculation from Caelades’ more war-hungry citizens.


Baelyn is the closest thing to a democracy you’ll see in Taravelan. Everyone has equal rights, and public officials are elected. You’ll usually find that Baelyn’s citizens dress in clothy whites and most of Baelyn is cleaner than the rest of Taravelan. Also, these days, besides the Caeladen troops and outsiders, you hardly see anyone in armor or with weapons in Baelyn.

So it goes without saying that the country respects peace and tranquility, and violent or rash behavior is looked down on.


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