King Tobias Stanton

Man who led the Second Caeladesan Conquest.


King Tobias wielded the Blade of Wilhelm and Brenn’s Aegis into battle.


King Tobias began his conquest by overthrowing Djosen. Some say the only reason this was possible was because of the trust the people of Djosen had in the truce between them and Caelades. Tobias claimed he only “saw an opportunity and took it.” He claimed it was for the good of his people and all the people of Taravelan. Tobias then went east and took Baelyn. Then he attempted to go North and take Sersund, disregarding the curse on the land. He and his whole army fell to illness after entering the land. The Sword of Wilhelm and Brenn’s Aegis was with him, and are now lost (presumably in the isolated land of Sersund).

King Tobias Stanton

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