Legends of Taravelan

Session 2

5th Day of the Waxing Lotus Moon

Our heroes wake up and eat to regain their strength before setting out. Greggory informs everyone that beyond this point is the Mid-Dark and it could be dangerous. They decide they’re prepared for anything and head out. On the road, they run across a couple of woodsmen from the next town along the road. They are investigating a dead body. Apparently the man was killed by a bear while on the road. An unusual event. Our heroes, having more important worries on their hands, decide to ride to the next town with the two woodsmen and let their hunters take care of the issue. When they come to Woodsdale, they discuss if they should stay the night in the town. They decide to eat and move on, traveling through the night. After traveling a little ways outside of town, they run across a stream with mushrooms growing on both sides of the stream. The patches are thick and stretch as far as they can see. The mushrooms are known as Paleglow Mushrooms and when touched release spores that poison the mind on contact and through inhalation. Guise decides to touch one of the Mushrooms to get a feel for their effect, with the intentions of conjuring up a spell to make them temporarily immune to the effects. After Guise goes through a bit of an interesting experience, he manages to do what he intended, and the party crosses with no problems.

6th Day of the Waxing Lotus Moon

Our heroes make it to the town of Addlested early morning where there is an attack on Greggory’s life. After the assassin is dispatched, the party decides to make an example of his body to get the townsfolk talking. They rest until the sun rises. They are woken up at first light by a scream. After questioning the townsfolk, they come to the conclusion the townsfolk had no idea about the assassin’s presence. So they move on. On the road to the next town they pass through the Mid-Dark Depths. The party experiences a few illusions but does well in ignoring them all. Once on the other side of the Mid-Dark Depths, They run across a Nexus (a point where several magical leylines converge). Ark plucks an unknown type of Essence from a tree near the Nexus. After which, they continue onward. Our heroes make it to Witchwatch post. Before entering the walls of the post they run across a group of Seekers. Ark Gestures to one of them and the Seeker offers to buy him a drink. Ark and said Seeker leave the group to go to the tavern. Meanwhile, Reize overhears a guard talking about delicate military matters to a civilian and takes him to his commanding officer to find out more about what he was talking about and to make sure the soldier was disciplined. Apparently, a criminal was found along the road, tied up with a letter with the royal seal. After questioning the prisoner Reize finds out that Nicholi was heading this direction but turned around and started heading back south. It’s late in the day and our heroes decide to rest in Witchwatch Post for the night.

…End Session.


Ghedian Ghedian

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