Legends of Taravelan

Session 1

Low Lotus Moon…

Our story begins in the Caeladesan Base Camp off the beaten path of Dark Acre Way. Reize, who has been here for a week, is asked by Prince Greggory (the commanding officer there) to take some non-military personnel and find a missing scout. He is told that there is a healer in the camp that could be of use. Reize decides to go to the Merchant Caravan that was passing through and stopping for a rest to enlist the help of some of their mercenaries. Reize sees a dim light come from under one of the wagons in the caravan and immediately knows magic is in play and knows how useful a mage could be. He taps a nearby Drohan on the shoulder and asks who is under the caravan. The greatsword wielding Drohan answers him, and Reize enlists the help of the Drohan, apparently named Kireum, and the mage, Ark. Reize asks a nearby guard where he can find the healer the prince spoke of and he is pointed in the direction of a campfire. As soon as Reize, Kireum, and Ark approach the healer anxiously asks if they’re with the military and if he could be of service. Reize tells him he is and that he could be of service. The healer, Guise, then joins the entourage and they set off to find the missing scout.

It’s night when they reach the road. After traveling a short distance they see a man on the road. They approach him and he identifies himself as Zek, a Caeladesan mercenary. He asks if there’s a place to rest nearby, and our heroes point him in the direction of Dark Acre Post about a days travel to the West. He decides to rest at the spot they are deciding he won’t make it to a resting place within a reasonable time anyway, and our heroes, not sparring any time, leave on their way.

2nd day of the Waxing Lotus Moon…

Our heroes ride through the night and reach Naz, the last known location of the scout, at dawn. Reize, Kireum and Guise begin looking for clues of the scout’s whereabouts as Ark goes into town to question people. Ark finds out that the scout tried to pass through the town inconspicuously around the outskirts but was spotted. He was also last seen entering a manor the villagers thought was haunted on the northeast edge of town. Ark heads that way. Meanwhile our other heroes find their way to the same manor by following a hidden trail the scout made. Ark and Reize, Guise and Kireum meet up at the manor entrance. The last piece of the trail is a bloodied dagger stabbed in a tree by the manor. They enter the manor and follow their noses to the basement where they find the scout, eviscerated and torn in half. They sense foul magic in the air and also find a witness who is too traumatized to speak. They take the witness and head back toward the camp, their mission completed.

As they get back on the road, a horse with a message gallops to them. The message is from Prince Greggory and says that the camp was attacked and he retreated into Caeladesan territory with a bodyguard to the town of Nyleon and that he is to meet up with survivors at Dark Acre Post and go to Nyleon as well.

Before they set off Guise wakes up the traumatized witness and soothes his mind enough that he can talk. They find out his name is Ned and he watched three Caeladesan men summon an invisible force that burst out of the scouts abdomen. He couldn’t see what it was, but the undeniable presence horrified him. Guise wiped his memories of the past few days and sent him back to Naz.

3rd day of the Waxing Lotus Moon…

A mile outside of Dark Acre Post, our heroes stumble across the bodies of the soldiers from the camp. It looked like they were ambushed and killed. Our heroes note that the arrows that killed them were of Hynarian make, then they notice a man hiding behind a tree. He claims to be a merchant. He said he saw ghouls up the road off the path and was running for his life. Reize, Ark, Guise, and Kireum let the merchant go, they give the bodies a cremation and head on their way.

At Dark Acre Post our heroes get the commander to fortify his defenses and prepare for a probable battle. They then eat and rest before heading on their way to rendezvous with Prince Greggory.

4th day of the Waxing Lotus Moon…

They reach Nyleon and find Prince Greggory in a tavern called “The Joyous Joker.” They tell the Prince there were no survivors and Reize contact the king via the Prince’s speaking stone. The King informs Reize that his daughter Matilda went missing along with an advisor named Euris Astis and Nicholi stormed after them. The king also informs Reize that he suspects the advisor is in league with the organization that attacked the camp.

…End Session.


Damn, sounds like I missed a very eventful session. Hope you guys had tons of fun!

Session 1
Ghedian Ghedian

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